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Frequently Asked Questions

Aum Symbol For $40, I get 2 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga?
  Bullet Yes! You have 2 weeks to take as many classes as you want
  Bullet This Intro Special is limited to first-time students
  Bullet If you love the yoga, you can Save 10% on any class package purchased during your introductory period
  Bullet Arrive 20 minutes prior to class to sign in
  Bullet The day you take class will be the greatest day of your life! See you in the hot room soon
Aum Symbol Suppose I never tried yoga?
  Bullet It doesn't matter. You don't need any yoga experience, flexibility or strength
  Bullet The class is challenging and perfect for any level of fitness and flexibility
  Bullet Get psyched to really sweat, detox & de-stress for 60 minutes
  Bullet Just bring an open mind and your smile
Aum Symbol I've already tried hot yoga. Is this the same?
  Bullet This Hot Yoga consists of a set series of 26 postures, repeated twice and held for a specified amount of time
  Bullet Every class is the same, but your experience is always different
Aum Symbol What are the benefits?
  Bullet This amazing hot yoga series works the entire body from the inside out, stimulating the glands and regulating the digestive and nervous systems
  Bullet It aids in weight loss, injury recovery and detoxification
  Bullet See and feel an increase in strength, flexibility and muscle tone
  Bullet Respiration, circulation, concentration, balance and posture will improve
  Bullet Regain vitality, energy and inner peace
  Bullet In other words, yoga will help improve your mental, physical and spiritual condition!
Aum Symbol Is it hard?
  Bullet The class is challenging and perfect for everyone at any level of fitness and flexibility
  Bullet Just begin from where you are and you’ll be amazed by the immediate results of just 1 class, as well as the long term benefits of a regular practice
Aum Symbol Why is the room heated and how hot will it get?
  Bullet The room is heated intentionally. Pre-heating the muscles takes the trauma out of stretching, promotes flexibility and allows you to work deeper in a shorter amount of time, so you see results faster
  Bullet The room will be hot enough so you can sweat freely, facilitating detoxification. Ok, you’ll be dripping wet!
  Bullet You’ll be able to stretch further than you ever thought you could and actually get addicted to the heat!
  Bullet The room won’t feel like a sauna and you will absolutely be able to breathe
  Bullet Give your best effort, and rest if you need to
Aum Symbol How will I feel after class and when should I come back?
  Bullet You’ll feel a lot better than before class, that’s for sure!
  Bullet It is important you drink plenty of water after class; maybe some replenishing juice or coconut water to restore minerals. After you’ve practiced for a while the body grows accustomed to the heat, but at first, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  Bullet Overall soreness & muscle fatigue is a buildup of lactic acid. The best way to get rid of lactic acid is by stretching. It may seem impossible to imagine that coming back for more will help, but it is THE BEST way to help relieve the soreness.
  Bullet Take your 2nd class as soon as you can to get that “yoga buzz” again!
  Bullet The positive effects of a Hot Yoga practice are cumulative and it’s OK to practice yoga every day. Remember, that even if you had a hard time and couldn’t do all the postures, you are still getting the benefits!
Aum Symbol What should I know for my first hot class?
  Bullet Be prepared to sweat. A lot!
  Bullet Arrive 20 minutes early to register
  Bullet Classes are 60 minutes
  Bullet Make sure you come on an empty stomach. No food 2-3 hours before class.
  Bullet Drink plenty of water throughout the day so you come to class hydrated. Good hydration makes the heat feel less overwhelming. It’s hard to catch up once the sweating begins.
  Bullet Wear lightweight exercise clothing ~ bring clothes for after class
  Bullet Bring/rent yoga mat, water, large towel
  Bullet No showers. Sorry
Aum Symbol How can I have a better yoga class?
  Bullet It’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day so you’re well hydrated for class.
  Bullet No food 2-3 hours before. If you must have something, eat an orange or melon.
  Bullet Take the pressure off yourself & don’t get frustrated if...
You can’t do a pose or you’re not good in the beginning. Be patient, have fun and just keep coming to class and trying your best.
  Bullet Remember to breathe. Sometimes we hold our breath during physical exertion, so keep breathing even if you are only taking in small sips of air.
  Bullet When in doubt, go easy. It’s your instructor's job to push you to your limit, but at the same time respect your body and your abilities. Only you know how and what you feel on any given day. Patience is one of the most challenging aspects of Hot Yoga.
Aum Symbol What's really the bottom line?
  Bullet Ninety-five percent of your practice is simply getting to the studio. So just show up. No excuses, No compromises!
  Bullet It's the intention, not the perfection.
  Bullet Just come to class. Breathe. Smile. Sweat. Repeat.

Hope to see your smiling face soon...


Anita Ruderman, RYT

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